The Case for Umms and Erms

What’s the deal with presidents and their love of a good “erm”? You’ve got Justin Trudeau’s infamous address that saw him utter fifty “umms” in just over a minute, and then there’s the fact that Boris Johnson’s “erms” are so prominent they feature on a printed face mask! On the surface they might be annoyingContinue reading “The Case for Umms and Erms”

Why you should say yes to a radio or podcast interview

Having spent ten years working as a journalist for the BBC, I’ve made an insane number of cold calls to business owners and event coordinators to ask: “Would you speak about that on the radio?” Far too often, the answer was a hard and simple “no”. Now I get it, you’re a bit shy, you’veContinue reading “Why you should say yes to a radio or podcast interview”

What Makes a Good Interviewer?

For the past decade I’ve been a journalist, essentially making it up as I go along, and this particularly holds true of my presentation style. I’m 28 now, but my foray into presenting began at the BBC at just 19 years old, covering the afternoon show at Guernsey’s local radio station. It was very muchContinue reading “What Makes a Good Interviewer?”