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If we could start the world from scratch, knowing everything we know now, how would we do it? A thought experiment hosted by Ollie Guillou.

Mums share their experience of giving birth during a global pandemic in a brand new podcast, Lockdown Babies. Presented by Phillippa Guillou.

Natasha: “It was lonely to be in there by yourself” Lockdown Babies

Natasha tells her story of having her baby in March 2021, a year after the first lockdown but still plagued with restrictions. Natasha also shares the heartbreak of being separated from her family in Canada until her baby was 6 months old. Your host is Phillippa Guillou, a journalist and radio presenter whose own baby was born at the height of the pandemic. You can get in touch with Phillippa here. You can listen to my chat with Laura from the Mother of All Solutions Podcast here or wherever you listen to your podcasts. If you’ve struggled with any of the topics we’ve raised in today’s episode, please see the links below for help and support. Birth Trauma Association – https://www.birthtraumaassociation.org.uk/ Pandas Foundation – https://pandasfoundation.org.uk/what-is-pnd/birth-trauma/ MIND – https://bit.ly/35Lbaos NHS Report into babies born in lockdown – https://bit.ly/3tQuit4
  1. Natasha: “It was lonely to be in there by yourself”
  2. Mónica: “We felt absolutely helpless and alone in an apocalyptic world”
  3. Lily: “It is my human right to feed my baby and they stood in the way"
  4. Polly: “I’m still coming to terms with those first few months”
  5. Anissa: “Everyone at that point was in fear for their life”

Stepping into the 'Dreamer’s Hotel' to reimagine a new world Starting From Scratch

Compassion and communication – two aspects of human nature that are seemingly being lost. Hatred spread on social media, hostile political rhetoric, a lack of equality and civility – these are just some of the problems spoken about by Rou Reynolds in his new book ‘A Treatise On Possibility’. From the Enter Shikari frontman comes a thought-provoking deep-dive into the vast capabilities of human ingenuity. In this episode he explores many of the fascinating things he learnt while writing the book, and we start by stepping into the ‘Dreamer’s Hotel’, a place where we’re able to take stock, and examine life from a different perspective. Follow Ollie on Twitter. Find out more about OG Podcasts here.
  1. Stepping into the 'Dreamer’s Hotel' to reimagine a new world
  2. Would we rely on charity in our new world?
  3. What would happen if we were forced to start our world from scratch?